Full Front T-Shirt Design

When aligning a full size design on the front of a t-shirt, you’ll want to first find your vertical and horizontal center points.

Then you can use these to align your transfer.

To locate your vertical center, find your shirt tag as a starting point. The tag is not always perfectly centered, so if you need to adjust your center point, you can do so by visually looking at the collar.

Now draw an imaginary line down the center of the shirt. That is your vertical center.

Next, we’ll find your horizontal center. Find the bottom seam of the arm and draw an imaginary line across the chest to the other bottom arm seam. That is your horizontal center.

Depending on your actual transfer size, you may need to adjust a little.

For example, if your design is mainly horizontal, then you can nudge up your transfer placement to the upper half of the horizontal center.

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